Brake Repair in Burnaby


On the road safety comes first. Keeping your vehicle safe should be one of the primary motives of any car owner who wishes to avoid accidents on the road. For the safety of those around and in your vehicle you need to ensure your brake system is functioning correctly. Screeching or spongy brakes are not fun to deal with but they are a time bomb ticking, and you shouldn’t ignore them. When your brake system is not functioning correctly, it increases the chances of your vehicle malfunctioning.

KMF Automotive understand that safety comes first and thus have trained outstanding professionals to take care of all brake repair services in Burnaby. We fix up your vehicle’s new brake pads, rotors or other brake repair services. You can rest assured that our team can handle and restore the safety of your brake system.

Brake Service- KMF Automotive

Burnaby’s brake repair services- KMF Automotive goes all out to give you the best services to ensure safety and prolong the lifespan of your vehicle. When your vehicle is in dire need of servicing or a tune-up, ask for KMF Automotive Burnaby technicians, and we can handle it all from there.

Indications of brake problems in your car

KMF Automotive brake services have studied brake systems and how they operate. A lot of vehicles require routine check-up to keep them up and running. If you feel any sign that your brakes are faulty, call us. Some common signs that indicate your car needs brake servicing:

  • when the vehicle bounces when you try to brake
  • if the brake light randomly lights up on the dashboard without you prompting it
  • when there are squealing, grinding, or squeaking noises when brakes are applied
  • when then the brake fluid container is damaged and leaking
  • when the vehicle wobbles, scrapes or vibrates upon braking
  • when the vehicle parks to one side when you brake
  • when you perceive a burning smell from the brake

KMF Automotivebrake services

We handle a wide range of brake system malfunctions. Our trained technicians leave no stone uncovered in ensuring the safety of your brake systems contact us today. Some common brake issues we handle include:

  • Gauging of brake pressure: we carry out tests to remove air and ensure liquid pressure in the brake lines are balanced
  • Wheel speed sensors: When the wheel speed sensors stop working your traction control system could be affected. Wheel spend sensors are the sensors that sense how fast each wheel is spinning. We repair speed sensors and ABS systems at affordable costs.
  • Brake fluid leak repairs: we repair damaged and leaking brake fluid issues. The brake fluid lubricates various components of a vehicle and works under high pressure and temperature. Not resolving brake fluid issues could result in the vehicle engine overheating or your brake line breaking at the spot where the metal line turns into a flexible rubber line.