What is a lube, oil and filter change?

An oil change is a crucial part of vehicle maintenance. This is because a car’s engine is made from small moving parts. 

These parts need to be lubricated to prevent them from rubbing against each other causing heat. When heat is created your engine is at risk of overheating which can affect your car’s performance and cause damage. 

In addition to an oil change, it is also important to change the oil filter. When oil gets old, it breaks down and collects dirt and debris. After a while, the debris becomes sludge which slows down the engine and can cause it to erode.

As a result, your vehicle’s performance and reliability will suffer leading to additional expenses. Having a new filter will ensure that dirt doesn’t build up and block up your engine.

When booking your car for an oil change in Burnaby, always be sure to go to a reputable and trustworthy company with qualified mechanics. A trained mechanic will be able to change your oil without causing further problems and identify other issues with the car.

At KMF Automotive during an oil change, we will replace your old oil with new oil, change and recycle the old filter and check other parts of your car.

Benefits of lube, oil change and filter change

Oil change time vs mileage

Having clean oil can reduce the mileage on your car as less fuel consumption is used during acceleration. This is because clean oil flows faster and your engine won’t have to work as hard to reach the required speed.

It is recommended to look at your manufacturer’s guide to see how often you need to change the oil in your car.

Extends the life of an engine.

Another benefit of changing your oil regularly is that it gives the engine longevity. An engine contains many components which may be costly to repair or replace. And if an engine breaks down completely, it will be infinitely more expensive to replace as the cost of an engine ranges from $2,250- $4000. So looking after your engine will ultimately save you money in the long-run.

Environmental factors.

Pollution is a big problem in today’s society so changing your oil regularly will contribute to a better environment. Dirty oil burns and lets off gas which pollutes the air. Clean oil is less likely to burn. Also, replacing your air filters lowers the emissions produced by your car.


A noisy exhaust can indicate that your car oil is dirty which could attract unwanted attention that may lead to your vehicle being stopped for a spark arrestor inspection.

To conclude, if you want a car that is efficient in fuel consumption and is cost-effective, it is beneficial for you to have regular check-ups on your car that includes lube, oil and filter changes. This way you can invest your hard-earned cash into something productive. Book an appointment with KMF automative now to take care of your car while saving money.